POWERSERIES+ Cordless Stick Vacuum

This versatile cordless stick vacuum delivers 25% more pick up*, and provides up to 40** minutes’ runtime with no loss of suction, ensuring outstanding performance and the capacity to clean the whole house without having to recharge.

*Compared to BLACK+DECKER® SVA420B
**Varies between 33 to 40 depending on the BLACK+DECKER® POWERSERIES+ model.

Take control of your cleaning with the POWERSERIES+ Cordless Stick Vacuum from BLACK+DECKER®

Thanks to its innovative FloorSense technology, the POWERSERIES+ automatically adjusts its speed according to the floor type, boosting suction when cleaning deep carpets and changing to ECO mode for surfaces such as tiles or vinyl, helping to save battery power for even longer cleaning time without interruption.

BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES™ 20V MAX* Cordless Stick Vacuum Kit is cleaning between the two seats of the sofa.

Detachable Crevice Tool

For those hard to reach areas.

Multi LED Floorhead

Powerful LED illumination so dirt can’t hide.

Powerful Pickup

For a wide variety of debris.

POWER SERIES plus MAX Cordless Stick Vacuum Kit stands upright on its own with no leaning necessary.

Features + Benefits

  • Floorsense technology – Automatically adjusts speed according to floor type delivering optimum performance in hard floors and carpet.
  • Cyclonic filter assembly - Spins dirt to sides and bottom of the bowl reducing the likelihood of clogging and maintains optimum pick-up performance for longer.
  • Multi LED Floorhead - Powerful LED illumination to see difficult areas to reach so dirt can’t hide.
  • Removable beater bar – Quick and easy to release and clean to maintain optimum performance.
  • Battery charge indicator - Displays the remaining charge so you know when the battery is running low and it's time to recharge.
  • Two-speed setting - Use the low speed for everyday cleaning and extra run time, whilst the high speed can be used for a maximum deep clean.
  • Transparent 500ml easy empty bowl - Easy to see when it needs emptying - just take it to the bin and pop the dirt out in one easy move. No need to touch the dirt.