Time to Get Creative. The MOUSE is Back.

Breathe new life into old items of furniture with our Compact MOUSE® detail sander

We took the original BLACK+DECKER® MOUSE® sander and reengineered it to be more powerful, more compact, and easier to handle. So now you can transform old tables, chairs, and other items into original classics. Upcycling has never been so much fun.

More Powerful

With a new 120W motor, the MOUSE® detail sander gives you the power to handle any detail sanding job – from removing flaky paint and rust to smoothing uneven surfaces.

More Compact

Access the tightest areas for intricate sanding. A compact design inspired by the computer mouse gives you optimum control and comfort with three separate rubber gripping areas.


Handle every sanding job with less mess and fuss. An improved micro filtration dust canister collects more dust than ever before, keeping work surfaces cleaner.